Irish Talk

The longer I stay in Dublin the more different my wording becomes. I find myself using words like “grand” (similar to good/great/fine) or “craic” (fun/good time) when I am with my Irish friends and not even realizing it. This could turn into a real problem as the word “craic” sounds like a completely different term in the United States. If I asked someone “where is some good craic?”  in the south I would get a completely different reaction…and probably sent to rehab. Where if I asked one of my friends in Dublin the same question they would tell me where a good pub is or where I could have a lot of fun.  Another thing I have learned is that when someone says “your man” they are really talking about “their man” which can get kind of confusing. When my friend asks me “should I text your man?” I have to stop and process it for a minute because automatically my reaction is what??? Overall “Irish talk” is very addicting and I have even started to take on an accent without notice when talking to taxi drivers. After a while I feel my common southern use of “y’all” will slowly start to change to “ye”.

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